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Choose non-irritating products that will not cause acne.

During pregnancy, the skin will become more sensitive and acne-prone due to hormonal changes. Pregnant women, therefore, should avoid substances that will cause allergic reactions, such as propylene glycol, lanolin, chemical sunscreen, triethanolamine, DMDM hydantoin and sulfate. All our product ingredients must be cited in medical research, textbooks and CIR that they are safe to use during pregnancy and non-comedogenic.

Dermatologically tested by dermatologists.

To ensure that our products are safe and will not cause any allergic reactions or irritations, they are all dermatologically tested by the Dermscan Asia Laboratory and are certified to be free of 10 hazardous substances, e.g., vitamin A, mercury, hydroquinone and steroids by the Department of Medical Sciences. So, you can be confident in our products.


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